Why Siometrix

For Senior Executives

So why will senior executives be interested in deploying Siometrix?

There is a multitude of reasons.

It is no secret that cyber insurance premiums are going up by the hour due to the high regularity and frequency of high-profile attacks. Therefore, it is natural that cyber insurers carefully consider their risk when they insure an organization.

Identity and Access Management has many security components. They are securing employee, customer and administrator accounts. In addition, security controls must be put in place to ensure that any attack on them can be detected before harm is done. Then a team needs to monitor to check that the attacks are detected. If the monitoring team gets many false alarms, they are fatigued and can miss actual attacks. Finally, if the attack did happen, a separate team is required to recover from it. Any efficiency in the strength of the account protection can trigger considerable savings down the line. Siomterix can significantly strengthen account security, thereby bringing in much-needed savings.

Are you wondering how much you could save?

Here is a calculator that computes your potential annual savings in Identity and Access Management (in-house or outsourced) by deploying Siometrix.


What is in it for the cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts?

Cybersecurity experts and their teams get their hands dirty and want to understand what they can derive from Siometrix deployment. Rightly so. They are the people on the ground protecting their organizations from cyber attacks.

Siometrix can be applied on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, IoT devices and many other electronic devices. It can also be used for Virtual Machines, software identity, API security and the like.

Therefore, by deploying Siometrix, the organization can reduce the impact or even prevent some of the cyber attacks. Broadly, they can be categorized as account hacks, OT network hacks, BGP protocol hacks, transaction server hacks, external software hacks and mobile phone hacks. Each of these hacks has further sub-categories shown on the adjoining diagram. The extent of protection provided depends on the deployment details and the actual type of hack.

Pros and Cons of Deploying Siometrix

There are a lot of technical details described on this page about Siometrix.

Can you provide the pros and cons of deploying Siometrix, you ask.

Indeed, we can.

Check out the adjoining picture for a high level of pros and cons. But of course, the actuals will depend on the practical scenario of the organization.

You can also find the areas your organization will benefit from by filling out the details here.

Components of Siometrix

So, what do you get if you deploy Siometrix? That is a common question that organizations have.

The associated diagram describes it at a high level. If you want to know more, why don't you email us at contactus@siometrix.com and ask specific questions?

    Our Team

    Our team comprises our founding team, advisors and outsourced team. Encouraging teamwork is at the heart of our values. We believe a highly performant team can be more than its sum.

    Shantanu Bhattacharya is a cyberpreneur, Siometrix’s founder, CEO, and Siometrix’s inventor. After having worked in the cybersecurity industry for more than thirty years with varied experiences like

    • >15 years of Team Management experience, including as Head of Architecture Advisory and Review Board, Global Design Team Member & Chief Architect in Siemens,
    • >20 years of cybersecurity experience – securing TCP/IP stack that won 17 international awards & as Chief Architect of PKI suite of products used by US President Bill Clinton & Belgian President to sign their electronic signature bills,
    • Advising to CISO of a highly security-conscious Federal Government agency in Australia,
    • Was Chief Architect for a Hospital Information System in Siemens that drew a letter of intent of US$10.7M from a large hospital chain,
    • Working in organisations of all sizes, including startups and
    • Publishing more than 20 papers in conferences/journals/websites has more than 20 invention disclosures, 

    he hit upon this simple, revolutionary idea that can reduce the USD 550 Billion lost by the world economy annually despite annual spending of USD 170 Billion to solve it.

    Shantanu Bhattacharya
    CEO and Founder, Siometrix

    Cybersecurity Expert Speak

    ASHISH KHANNA, Global Cybersecurity Risk & Advisory Senior Executive

    Multifaceted solutions-focused senior executive and recognised CISO / Cyber Security Specialist.

    “Siometrix provides organizations with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, leveraging centralized identity management across humans, devices, and software. Utilizing identity fingerprint technology, Siometrix offers a dual-layered defence, enhancing efficiency and reducing attack identification and containment time.”

    PIERRE NOËL, CyberSecurity & Privacy practitioner, board member, mentor & entrepreneur

    With over 35 years of cybersecurity experience. On the advisory board of Airbus. Group CSO at Le Collectionist, HivePro and SoSafe.

    "Cybersecurity works best when it is invisible while fortifying assets and networks. Siometrix lives up to this statement and holds transaction integrity despite a cyberattack."

    Prof Emerita Marianne Winslett, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    PhD in Computer Science, Stanford University, with >30 years of cybersecurity experience. 

    "Siometrix checks device 'biometrics', a great idea when you don't want unauthorized devices accessing your systems. Siometrix goes beyond checking MAC addresses, which are easy to spoof".

    Our Advisors

    Prof Emerita MARIANNE WINSLETT, Illinois University, Urbana Champaign 

    Marianne Winslett has been a professor with the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign since 1987 (Assistant, Associate, Full, Adjunct, Research, and Emerita). She is also a venture partner at R3i Ventures, based in Singapore. 
    Professor Winslett is a Fellow of the ACM, and she received the Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation in 1989. She has served as ACM SIGMOD Vice Chair, SIGAI Secretary/Treasurer, and on the editorial boards of ACM Transactions on Database Systems, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, the Very Large Data Bases Journal, ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, and ACM Transactions on the Web, where she also served as co-Editor-in-Chief. She and her coauthors have received best paper awards from Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), USENIX Security, the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), and IEEE BigData. She received a PhD in computer science from Stanford University in 1987 and an A.B. in math from Harvard in 1980. Her research interests include information management and security.
    She contributed chapters to several books like "Secure Data Management in Decentralized Systems", "The Handbook of Database Security: Applications and Trends", "Critical Infrastructure Protection" and "The Handbook of Financial Cryptography". She has authored 169 conference papers and 40 journal articles, some directly related to Siometrix's area, like “Using Digital Credentials on the World-Wide Web”.

    RAJEEV KAUSHAL, MD & CEO, Acclivis Technologies

    Rajeev has over 30 years of experience delivering complex solutions in Software applications, Security systems, Embedded systems, Image processing and Machine vision. Before coming on board as CEO of Acclivis, Rajeev was CEO of Benison Technologies Pvt Ltd. Before Benison, Rajeev was General Manager, and the Head of the Product Engineering Systems Division at eInfochips Ltd. Rajeev has been responsible for generating several millions of dollars of revenue and managing hundreds of engineers.

    Rajeev is a technocrat, and a visionary, starting his career at DRDO India as a scientist and then continuing his career in the Scientific Software Applications Center of Siemens Information Systems Limited at Pune, where he was responsible for delivering solutions in Image processing, Applications and Embedded systems.

    Rajeev has completed a Master's in Computer Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Master's in technology with a specialization in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation. He has seven publications in national and international conferences/ journals.

    ASHISH KHANNA, Global Cybersecurity Risk & Advisory Senior Executive

    He has worked in senior & executive advisory positions for Government departments and privately held multinational businesses for over 15 years.He is a multifaceted solutions-focused senior executive and recognised CISO / Cyber Security Specialist accomplished in strategic planning and execution, data privacy, security analytics, cyber defence, IT risk management, and delivery of multi-million-dollar cyber programs across industries.As an action-oriented visionary and innovative strategist, he is adept at identifying areas of opportunity to implement technology and other business solutions, transforming underperforming areas, optimising efficiency, and reducing costs while consistently exceeding business goals and performance metrics.He collaborates and leads by example, building rapport and respect with culturally diverse teams.  He fosters a culture of motivation, accountability, and respect amongst his peers and subordinates, aligning with them to deliver good performance, quality services and support, ensuring organisational success in alignment with business goals.

    ATUL SHINDE, Venture Builder, Marketing Leader, Startup Entrepreneur, Business Management, and Technology Pioneer

    Silicon Valley entrepreneur, founder of multiple startups, technology industry executive, and innovation Leader with multiple firsts in telecom technology commercialization. Professional industry experience in telecom, semiconductor and digital payments.

    Co-founder of Metro Ethernet Forum, co-creator of Carrier Ethernet and developed market for $30B+ annual revenues in the telecom industry. Co-founded optical networking startup, raised $200M+ from tier one VCs and reached unicorn status of $1B in the early 2000s. Led $300M P&L for Xilinx/AMD’s North America communications business. A key member of a small team that created Xilinx’s entry into the data centre/cloud market for AI, Network, and Storage acceleration in 2012-2015, which was a catalyst for AMD to acquire Xilinx in early 2022 for $49B, the largest M&A in the chip industry up to that point.

    Business and Marketing expert in AI, Cloud Accelerators, Telecom/5G/Networking. Business leader with a deep technology background and unique ability in customer development.

    Active in stakeholder-based alternative socio-economic development by leading a network of non-profit foundations dedicated to that mission.

    NAVIN ADVANI, MD, Elektromag Group

    Global entrepreneur managing a global organisation for 35 years. He has expanded operations significantly.

    Elektromag has three primary verticals: Magnetics, Vibration Engineering, and Crane Control Gear. As part of the management, he is responsible for ensuring growth across these three verticals.

    The Elektromag group pioneered the manufacture of Crane Control Gear in India when the Advani family started Magneto Electricals in 1958 (with other partners). In 1973 Magneto Electricals was dissolved, and the Advani family renamed the company Elektromag and continued its operations. Over the past 50 years, Elektromag has expanded the range of its products and today serves as the preferred supplier for lifting magnets, magnetic separators, vibrating feeders, screens and conveyors, and many ancillary products.

    Elektromag partners with Joest GmbH in a joint venture to design and manufacture Vibration equipment for the Indian market. In the past, we have worked jointly with several German, American, British, Italian and Spanish companies to bring many products to India and export Indian-made products abroad. These included everything from parabolic aluminium louvres for tube lights to green-sand foundry equipment to air cushion mobility systems.