Unfair Advantages


Six times more secured

Siometrix increases your organisation’s security by SIX TIMES. An extraordinary claim that demands extraordinary proof. Siometrix can keep any fraudulent transaction at bay even if one or more of these are hacked - employee’s password, customer’s password, admin’s password, transaction server, supply chain software and BGP node. That is FULL SIX BREACHES! Read on for the proof and many other unfair advantages that Siometrix can provide to your organisation.

Siometrix prevents account hacking even if the passwords are hacked.

More than 85% of all cyberattacks begin with phishing attacks culminating in digital identity fraud. Cases in point are the Colonial Pipeline attack, Optus attack, Medibank attack, and many others. The attack path is a standard account breach, followed by an admin account breach and server breach. Siometrix can prevent an account compromise even if the standard, admin or customer account passwords are breached, as the new entity cannot verify their Siometrix.

Siometrix maintains transaction integrity even if the transaction server is hacked.

Siometrix verifies and validates all parties in the financial transaction. Therefore, even if the attacker tries to introduce a fraudulent fund recipient, the Siometrix of the new party will fail to verify. Hence, the transaction will be declined, saving the transaction’s integrity.

A fraudulent transaction is prevented even if the supply chain software is hacked.

The attack vector considered here is outside the control of your organization. For example, your organization may deploy Log4J or a payment gateway to enable some functionality. However, your organization does not have much control over the cybersecurity strength of the software in the supply chain. But, due to Siometrix’s verification and validation method, all the parties in the financial transaction must be authenticated to be the beneficiary. A declined transaction from Siometrix can alert the organization of the breach, which would otherwise go unnoticed. Hence, Siometrix can prevent a fraudulent transaction and alert the organization about the breach.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) node is hacked? Don’t worry. Siometrix can hold the fort.

BGP attack is becoming increasingly popular and devastating. There are several intermediate servers between the source server and destination server in a digital transaction. The intermediate servers are outside the control of the source and destination organizations. Hence an attack on the BGP server cannot be prevented or even mitigated by the source and destination organizations. Due to the inherent property of Siometrix to verify all parties in a transaction, the transaction integrity is kept sacrosanct despite a successful BGP hack.

Siometrix reduces BOTH – Severity and Likelihood – and hence reduces cyber-attack risk.

Risk is defined as Severity X Likelihood. Siometrix can reduce the severity by preventing a fraudulent transaction execution despite a breach on your transaction servers or supply chain software. Further, Siometrix can reduce the likelihood of an attack by ensuring the cyber posture is strengthened by adopting a technology that holds the fort even when the customers’, employees’ or admins’ passwords are compromised. Is this enough reason for you to deploy Siometrix?

Siometrix adoption can help you in your organization’s roadmap to Zero Trust Network (ZTN).

Zero Trust Network is a gradual process and NOT a zero-one game. So, you can take steps to get to ZERO TRUST gradually. Take the first step. Make your cybersecurity resilient despite successful attacks on your infrastructure and even some outside it. Siometrix will go a long way in your ZTN. ZTN is the way forward, as is prophesied by many experts, including the inventor of ZTN, John Kindervag.

Higher security with higher usability

Most security solutions have to reduce usability when they increase security, even if it is by a bit. Many reduce usability significantly. Not Siometrix. All the security measures provided by Siometrix can be used without reducing usability. So, go full-on with Siometrix!

Hardware security strength at the cost of software-derived security.

Hardware-based security is far more expensive than software-based security. You have to manufacture the hardware, distribute it, repair it when down, and replace it when stolen, in addition to running it. However, the attractive part of hardware-based security is that it is one of the most decisive authentication factors currently available. How about we give hardware-based security strength while paying for software-based protection? Like it? Adopt Siometrix.