Siometrix Fingerprint

Prevents phishing, social engineering and account takeover attacks.

MFA and 2FA authentication models are suitable for solving the digital identity fraud problem, just that the currently used authentication factors have one or more weaknesses that make them untenable against the level of sophistication cyber attackers use.

What if we can provide a solution that does not have those weaknesses? What if we can accurately identify electronic devices involved in a digital transaction? What if that does not require new, more specific, sophisticated hardware? What if they that does not demand the distribution or maintenance of hardware tokens? If these sound attractive, then you are in the right place.

All digital transactions are front-ended by machines, so trust in all digital transactions like TCP/IP communication or even phone conversation would increase considerably. It would solve the weaknesses MFA or 2FA factors currently have.

Siometrix Fingerprint can provide that by identifying every electronic device uniquely based on its hardware characteristics. The uniqueness thus obtained can be used to verify the participant’s identity. In a typical electronic transaction, smartphones or laptops’ hardware characteristics could be used as Siometrix Fingerprints.

Siometrix Fingerprint computation works by installing an agent on the device, capturing data from the device hardware, filtering for quality and passes on to the cloud backend for Siometrix Fingerprint computation. While registering the new device, the Siometrix Fingerprint is baselined and is matched in all subsequent instances.

Siometrix Fingerprint can be used in 2FA, MFA, and zero-trust networks. In several new use cases like supply chain provenance for complex systems like avionics engines, blockchain applications to the utility industry, mobile-based fleet operations, etc.

Siometrix Fingerprint survives the unreliability of underlying infrastructure. It provides a solution where currently used technologies fail to deliver. It can prevent many Digital Identity Frauds before it occurs.




Siometrix Ransomware Protection Solution

Prevents ransomware attacks even if the intruder is in the network with command-and-control with admin privileges.

In addition to identity protection, Siometrix's Ransomware Protection solution boasts a second layer of security designed to counter ransomware attacks. It integrates seamlessly into the file system, recognising and blocking unauthorised processes from accessing crucial data. Even if an account is compromised and attackers gain admin permissions, they won't be able to open, copy, or encrypt the files.

With the rise of ransomware attacks – 493 million successful attacks in 2022 alone – a reliable defence has become crucial. Our technology defends an organisation's digital crown jewels, effectively preventing data theft and damage from ransomware.

As businesses grapple with increased cyber threats, Siometrix's dual-layered solution fills a significant void in the cybersecurity market. It offers protection even if users make security mistakes, underlining the importance of robust and automated defences in addition to the user training. This focus makes the solution especially relevant for industries with non-IT-savvy employees, such as retail and hospitality.

Professor Emerita Marianne Winslett, a three-decade cybersecurity veteran from the University of Illinois, said, “Ransomware is a disaster for its victims. First, the business interruption, then the high expense of restoring or ransoming the stolen data, the chance of negative publicity, and finally, the danger that the data will be exposed in the future unless the victim makes additional payments. Siometrix's approach to keeping unknown devices off your network and out of your data is a great way to help prevent ransomware from gaining a toehold, even when the system has been compromised in other ways by attackers/intruders."