Frequently Asked Questions

We have addressed commonly asked questions about Siometrix here. If your question is not answered here, please drop us a line at our email address to get clarification.
1What happens if an organization wants the Siometrix back end on their premises?
Our default architecture is designed with backend servers on the cloud. We are currently using AWS, but it is not tied up to it. However, we have an option of having on-prem servers.
2Can Siometrix users share accounts across merchants?
Yes, that is the intent. However, the user will have to accept the merchant’s services and permit sharing their data with the new merchant. This is very similar to Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI) trend that is visible in the market. This also reduces the incentive for the attackers to attack as they will have to hack one device to get data about a user - an arduos task.
3Can I have more than one device registered with Siometrix?
Absolutely! You can have as many devices registered as you would like. The more the merrier - better for security as well.
4Can I de-register a device from Siometrix?
Yes, you can de-register a Siometrix device anytime without contacting anyone (not even Siometrix's support team). It is a self-service function. You pretty much control the de-registration process.
5Can I register a device anytime with Siometrix?
You can add or remove a device without contacting any Siometrix's support executive.
6What happens if I lose a device registered with Siometrix?
We have thought through this. You can de-register your device. You do not need the device to de-register it. If you have a single device that is registered and is lost, we have a workflow for that too. It is a little difficult to describe it in full here. Contact us and we will explain it you. The process does not require involvement of Siometrix's support team.
7Can an attacker use a lost device to perform fraudulent transactions?
No, usually, there are three levels of protection before the attacker can exploit the stolen device. The attacker has to unlock the device and unlock the Siometrix app. In addition, if the transaction is a high-value transaction, there is an additional hurdle to using the device for a fraudulent transaction to be executed. Plus, there is a provision for you to de-register or even replace the device. So, it is not easy for the attacker to break the system.
8Who decides if a transaction is highly valued and what additional protection mechanism is required?
The merchant decides that in the context of their business. The merchant makes the user aware of the details during the sign-up process. Our solution is generic and is usable by any type of merchant. Transaction value and the related security mechanisms are left to the adopting business as they are the best judge in this case.
9How much are the costs for the end user to use Siometrix?
Siometrix use is charged to the merchant. Siometrix does not charge the end user. However, a merchant may decide to charge the end user. In that case, the merchant keeps the user informed during the sign-up process with the merchant.
10What are the unique advantages provided by Siometrix?
Check the “Unfair Advantages” page to find our unique selling points. There are too many of them to cover here.
11Which all organization's assets can Siometrix protect?
One can apply Siometrix to mobile phones, IoT devices, laptops, desktops and many other electronic devices. In addition, it can be applied to Virtual Machines, Software Identity and API security.

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Please keep visiting our website to get analyses on the digital identity industry. Much of the materials are about generic market state or useful in general cybersecurity context, but some may highlight different aspects of Siometrix in solving real-world problems in the digital identity space. Feel free to download the contents to learn how you can make your organization much more robust than your peers in dealing with possible cyberattacks. Some of the resources could be nominally priced to cover the costs incurred by us, but they are generally based on the item.

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Siometrix can provide unique benefits to the adopter and their customers and customer's customers. For example, if a cybersecurity organization added Siometrix to their digital identity suite of services, the bank they service and its customers would also receive these benefits.

First and foremost, there are cost savings in the Identity and Access Management department and their team's productivity. Therefore, we have developed an easy-to-use calculator that will indicate the amount that can be saved by adopting Siometrix. 

Calculate annual savings in your IAM department in monetary termsby deploying Siometrix

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Identify the business areas that will benefit from adopting Siometrix

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January 31, 2022
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